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Created by artist Ollie Longuet, Sheep Mentality is about surfing and... Sheep. 
No really, it is...

To be precise it's about the sheep in all of us surfers. No matter how independent we think we are, there's something fundamentaly herd-like about us.

I've had the idea of using talking sheep in a surfing cartoon for a long while as I think sheep make a perfect analogy with us surfers. We're more a herd than a pack, we seem cursed to be attracted to each other's presence and where one of us goes, others invariably follow. Too rarely can you find one of us on his own, and it's usually not a good sign.
I started this comic as a side project from my other artistic endeavours, a distraction to relax and enjoy myself. I just wanted to make others smile and simply draw what was in my head without the need to feel productive.
I sometimes use classic surf references in my drawing, like Dora or the Endless Summer poster. It is meant with greatest respect possible of course.

People have liked it straight away, they must have recognized themselves or their friends in it, which told me that I probably had hit on something interesting with it.

All in all it's pretty childish but I have fun doing it and I intend on keeping it going for now.

I hope you like and remember the words of the Monthy Pythons ... "you are all individuals"